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My name is Ola Eve Love Skopowska, and I created Natural Being Wholistic in the fresh and brightly lit Spring of 2018 in London. It was after completing one of the series of wellness studies I have devoted to. It resulted in Holistic Wellbeing Coach accreditation certified by Complimentary Medical Association. Joining my other qualifications in color, sound, Solfeggio Tuning Forks and crystal therapy, energy healing, and Kaula Tantra Yoga Instructor. 

Having over 20 years of experience in holistic ways of healing, I felt it was only natural to merge my lifestyle, passion, and profession into one.

My story started way back in, then, communist Warsaw, Poland, on the east side of the Vistula river. I was born a healer, radiating happiness, loving child, defying the circumstances I came into.  I endured years of quiet suffering – home affected by post-war trauma, abuse, drugs, and alcohol, made me move out the first chance I had. 

Supernatural strength helped me end my own alcohol and drug addiction which I developed as a teenager. It was a coping mechanism, the aftermath of the unhealthy environment, sexual abuse when I was 7, and trauma caused by witnessing and saving my brother from attempted gruesome suicide when I was 10. Later in Life, I saved his life two more times. My wounds were deep. 

But I was the only female grandchild of an herbalist, holistic healer, beekeeper, and blacksmith. My Dad was a sailor, jeweler – craftsman, and musician. My Mom was my first teacher in herbal healing and she set the stage for what followed naturally. 

So despite the difficult start – I had inherited tools to heal myself.

And this is the most important part – We inherit not only generational traumas, but we also inherit ancestral wisdom. Something very important to remember.

12 years forward from when I moved out, and there I was, divorced, alone with three precious children. I was devastated and my health was in shreds. Contemplating my results of replaying the generational patterns. Yet again. Looking at the night sky in the window of a small, rented one-bedroom Warsaw apartment, I knew that perpetuating of past stories ends right now.

I was tired and done. It all run in the family until it run into me. I had three very young people who I was supposed to assist in entering life, not obstruct it.

To be that for them – I had to be there for myself. Get serious about my own healing. I already was a pattern breaker in my family, but I had to embrace it fully and start drawing power from the process, instead of feeling burdened by the work.

I began step by step to heal myself from the high functioning, years-long depression, eating disorder, social anxiety, perpetual spine injury, and extremely painful anginas, victim mentality, feelings of low self-esteem, guilt, and addiction to survival mode. I already knew I have to address things in a holistic way. Because the body is not detached from the Spirit. Or Mind. There is no magic pill that heals. Pill merely diminishes the symptoms in the physical body but does not address the root cause of the condition. I had to see my whole self for what it is and acknowledge the extent of loving work required.

Next 9 years forward and Natural Being Wholistic is born. A result of all the personal transformations. 

From existence to Life. A path of a healer is one of experience. What I’ve encountered could destroy me, or I could learn how to transform it for my benefit. I did it, time and time again. I turned lead into gold.

When we resort to the deep wisdom of Ancestors and Nature we will heal all that needs healing and shift from survival to thriving. I am here today to pass on the holistic practices and knowledge that saved my life, healed me and my Ancestors through me. 

Transformed me starting from the cellular level, and keep transforming me, whilst securing the future generations from repeating unfavorable ancestral patterns. Through my work, they have been dissolved and transmuted. 

Nature heals and brings balance. But we also need each other to continue sharing the methods of healing through the community, ensure the continuum of the ancestral knowledge and skills. Co-operating with Nature activates the full potential of the DNA. 

We are FREE to CHOOSE to live from the natural overflow, not lack, which is an illusion. We are free to build a healthy, just, righteous, sovereign, prosperous, self-sustainable, loving, and progressive family and community. By the power of our decision. Thanks to the conscious connection of people with the Natural World and holistic lifestyle, we can achieve that. Whilst maintaining equilibrium and staying vital, happy, and healthy, to fulljoy the fruit of our Divine Life.

I am here to help you, utilize my experience to trigger within you, your own ability to self heal, to thrive, to fully embody your Divine Blueprint.

I am here to help you to

Connect With Your Inner Source Of Infinite Force Of Nature

" You cannot use someone else's fire. You can only use your own. And in order to do that, you must first be willing to believe that you have it "

- Audre Lorde -