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Consultations are available via video meeting, remote healing sessions or in person in Oasis Healing Space. 

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My name is Ola Ewa Love Skopowska, and I created Natural Being Wholistic in the fresh and brightly lit Spring of 2018 to help women in their healing and transformation journey.

Cultivating my clairsenses and ability to read and interpret energy and Akashic Records, also being a Mental Projector in Human Design System – I organically found myself in a role of Energy Guide. Helping people to read, understand and master their own energy and skilfully navigate the energies of their surrounding. 

Being a third generation natural healer and having over 20 years of experience in holistic ways of healing and living, naturally, my way of life, passion, and profession merged into one.

To be in position to serve more people, and also finally accepting and appreciating my gifts and my Soul path – I got qualified as Holistic Wellbeing Coach and Mentor. Quantum Energy and Tuning Forks Healer. I am certified by Complimentary Medical Association, and as Kaula Tantra Yoga Teacher – accredited by Yoga Alliance International.

I am the only female grandchild of a herbalist+ holistic healer + beekeeper, and a blacksmith. My Mom was my first teacher in herbal healing and healing body movement and she set the stage for what followed naturally. 

From my grandmother Helena and my Mom, i had inherited the tools and ways to heal. 

I believe the most important thing to remember is that – apart from inheriting intergenerational and transgenerational trauma, we most importantly inherit ancestral and Nature’s knowledge and wisdom. To heal and innovate all the unfavourable patterns embedded in our DNA, our lineage and the society.

Drawing on studies of Biogenealogy and Neuroplasticity we can understand how tangible are the changes, that are initiated by the holistic methods we use.

Being a pattern breaker in my family, and knowing the complexity of the process, I decided to use my skills to support others on this journey. To embrace and start drawing power from the process, instead of feeling burdened by this  work.

A path of a healer is one of experience. What I’ve encountered could destroy me, or I could learn how to transform it for my highest good. As a woman who experienced child sexual abuse and a host of PTSD symptoms including depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol addiction just to name few. I experienced first hand, how holistic healing save and transform life. Holistically we transmute the energy of victim/opressor paradigm into full sovereign self – creation. 

I did it, time and time again. I turned lead into gold.

When we resort to the deep wisdom of Ancestors and Nature we will heal all that needs healing and shift from survival to thriving. I am here today to pass on the holistic practices and knowledge that saved my life, healed me and my Ancestors through me. 

Transformed me starting from the cellular level, and keep transforming me. 

Nature heals and brings balance. But we also need each other to continue sharing the methods of healing through the community, ensure the continuum of the ancestral knowledge and skills. Co-operating with Nature activates the full potential of the DNA. 

We are FREE to CHOOSE to live from the natural overflow, not lack, which is an illusion. We are free to build a healthy, just, righteous, sovereign, prosperous, self-sustainable, loving, and progressive family and community. By the power of our decision. Thanks to the conscious connection of people with the Natural World and holistic lifestyle, we can achieve that. Whilst maintaining equilibrium and staying vital, happy, and healthy, to fulljoy the fruit of our Divine Life.

I am here to help you, utilize my experience to trigger within you, your own ability to self heal, to thrive, to fully embody your Divine Blueprint.

I am here to help you to

Connect With Your Inner Source Of Infinite Force Of Nature

" You cannot use someone else's fire. You can only use your own. And in order to do that, you must first be willing to believe that you have it "

- Audre Lorde -