We are embodied Energy, we are Spirits, and I’m here to assist you to embody your Spirit fully. To connect with your gifts and your Soul path. 

We are Nature. Physical body is carbon based and has a crystalline structure.
All outside natural elements are reflected within us. All Elements are readily available to us, as fine-tuned instruments on the path of self – healing, self love and care, self – discovery, and self-mastery.
Quality and joy of Life is determined by our conscious connection with ourselves, and understanding of our interconnectedness with Nature, Ancestors and one another.
Our bodies, mostly made of Water, are filled with minerals, also circulating in the space and contained by the soil. Our thoughts are electromagnetic charges. The digestion process utilises the principle of Fire. We are nourished and alive thanks to the Air. We are embodied crystallised Light.
Imagine !

I want you to understand that the human body is designed to self-manage and self-heal. And my mission is to assist you in learning how to support this process.
Fast-paced environment, dynamic lifestyle focused solely on productivity disrupts the body-mind-soul healthy balance.

Everything can change when you start to realise that there is more to life; and that you genuinely want to commit to be happy, break generational traumas and create new high vibrational patterns in your life. I will support you in taking action and you will notice the first benefits of the mindful approach. It starts with the sense of vital energy filling your body. Sense of space within. Once you made some space for…yourself within yourself – magic unfolds.

Full richness of the seen and unseen World starts to reveal itself piece by piece, when you pay attention. We realise that we have constant access to the abundant stream of joyful life force and we are constantly supported. Resolving past traumas and imposed limitations, allows you to re-connect with Life itself.
You are now radiant, energetic, happy and productive without strain. It is because there is no lack in Nature. Nature is lavish and ever abundant. Energy never dies, it transforms. It is active or rests, vibrates slower or faster. It is entirely your choice of how you will conduct and shape your energy, the life force, that flows through you.
Learning to manage your energy is a step that will make you see different results in your life instantly.

I am a certified energy and sound healer, 3rd generation natural healer, certified Kaula Tantra Yoga teacher, Akashic Records reader and holistic wellbeing coach and mentor with specialization in energy intelligence and trauma alchemy. At Natural Being Wholistic, through combined approaches - trauma transformation, breath work, energy psychology, energy bodywork, energy management, holistic nutrition and conscious body movement - depending on the individual needs. I will teach you, how to create an environment for your self-healing and personal growth. I will introduce you to energy management, so you will be able to understand and navigate the mechanisms ruling your energy. Around 50% of human energy expenditure happens subconsciously. Energy Intelligence is a fundament of your well-being.

We offer a variety of holistic protocols and individually tailored plans to maintain your holistic wellness. We offer 9 weeks transformative holistic wellbeing programs and one off and series of treatments and classes.

I invite you to take a look at the full list of Offerings. Or simply contact us to discuss options. We treat each of our clients as VIP and create a personal treatment plan and after care.

At Natural Being, I help people create tangible sense of wellbeing. When working with me, You can expect feelings of spiritual upliftment, peace and joy, mental empowerment and re-connection to your complete, competent self. 

Here, we read the symptoms and work with the root cause, Symptom is a way for the body to communicate.  The body speaks, and I will help you learn the language.

Whether you experience physical, spiritual or emotional discomfort, Looking to improve your overall health and experience deep lasting joy of life, Or wanting to align with your Soul calling – I am here to help you do it safely and in a most fitting way.

Natural Being Wholistic provides healing, non-judgemental, and safe space to tend to your BodyMindSoul’s inner garden and make it bloom fragrantly again. 

Look into your eyes with an understanding and kindness and listen to yourself. What is it that begs your attention? 

Don’t side-track it any longer; your Spirit is waiting for you to recall how all those puzzles fit together. Allow yourself to be astonished by divine picture of You that is coming together, when you are truly present with yourself.

Trust your Body. 
Follow the Heart.
Open your Mind.
I will assist and support you.

Embody Your Natural Being<3