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In recent days, I have been prompted by the Spirit to create a small guide. A guide of holistic, simple methods for maintaining balance in these days of intensive transformation of our World.

The media are flooded with so called information. Not once I have come across informations in the mainstream media about how to increase our immunity, how to deal with our emotions and feelings during these unprecedented times.
It is entirely on us – everyday people, to share what we know that is effective.
So here is my small contribution. A chapter from the ‘ Seeds of holistic health, immunity and balance ‘ entitled Emotions and Inner Work.

If you find it useful, feel free to share it and credit the author. You can also download the whole book, from the Holistic Market section of this website. There is a symbolic fee of GBP 1.11 for the download.
I hope you will find this text useful and helpful.

We have been never taught at school how to deal with emotions. We haven’t even been taught how to recognise emotions. Lots and lots of grown people are not able to name the emotions they feel.
It is so vital, to always asks oneself – what do I feel ?
If you are in a moment of confusion and feel lost, pause and ask yourself – what do I feel? Breathe slowly and continue to ask that same question.
The answers will start to show up.
This is a fundamental thing to do in any moment whenever we feel confused, about anything. Whether its a work project, misunderstanding with a friend or anyone for that matter. – what do I feel ?

Emotions are energy. And as such they are in constant motion. E-motions.
The common thing humans tend to do, is we attach to emotions, quite unnecessarily. There is no need to identify yourself with the emotion you are experiencing.
Don’t deny what you feel, of course. But what you feel is not YOU.
Let the emotion be felt by you, let it travel throughout your body, mind and soul and then let it go.
It will be moving around your body for a while, it might grow, you will feel it. Then you can feel as its strength decreases, decreases and then a moment will come to release that emotion, that energy.
When we dwell on something and allow for that energy to stay inside of our body, it becomes stagnant. When we are holding on to an emotion and allow this energy to become stagnant, then it turns into a blockage, a knot of unprocessed energy. It finds a place somewhere within the physical body and stays there.

Remember ?

Energy never dies, it transforms. And that’s what happens with the unprocessed, unreleased emotions as well. They stayed trapped within the body temple and become dormant. It eventually bursts or drips out of us in a form of reaction to some external event, weeks, months, even years later, until we consciously process it and release it.

As you can see it is much easier and way healthier to process emotions consciously as they come.
There’s no need to attach and hold onto them. That refers especially to those emotions that are not pleasant and you do not wish to feel them any longer than necessary.
Just breathe throughout the whole time of identifying and processing given emotion. And with that breath, what is happening, is that you are facilitating the easy movement of that energy across your body. So let it move around your body, do what you need, cry, laugh, weep, scream, do whatever you feel to help that emotion move and move it out. You might even feel the exit point of that energy.
And when the time is right, on the next exhale just releeeeeease that energy, that e-motion.
Sometimes we are in a situation, where we are faced with our conditioning and programs we believe to be true.
If those programs are not beneficial to out health or stunt our growth, it means they need to be removed from our system.
There is no point in blaming anyone for the happenings in our life.
Only I am responsible for my life. And the events that are happening in my environment are the manifestations of my energy.
Everything that is happening around me tells me about me.
Tells me about whats happening inside of me. Because we are not detached from the reality we live in. We all create that reality. In real time.
Inner work is perhaps the most meaningful work anyone can ever do.
Because from that stems everything else. Your life work, your projects, your creations, will directly reflect the condition of your inner world.
So however uncomfortable it is, it’s vital to commit time and space in your everyday life to tend to your inner garden and see if the bugs are not eating up on your strawberries and remedy the issues right away.
If you feel that something is brewing inside of you – it most certainly is.
Cause you already know, what happens with emotions that are not processed. You are a human to experience and to learn, not to be perturbed by your experience. Breathe and follow these simple steps, but If you feel overwhelmed, always ask for help. We are here for each other.

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