Nice Things To Do For Yourself Daily

I recently again, in a casual conversation with a neighbor, heard that, they don’t “have time” for themselves. With all the responsibilities…..etc, insert here, the reasons you probably hear in your head right now or heard from someone, for why it’s impossible to regularly take time out to relax, recharge, unwind, nourish oneself every day.

Whilst I am too, living my life, filled with projects, motherhood, visions and relationships to fulfill, I am fully aware that quality of energy at which I function , very directly is linked to how lovingly and consciously I pour into myself.

Julia Cameron’s course made me think again about things I do daily, that I can give more attention to. And this way notice more meaning in action itself, connect with it’s essence which in turn feeds me deeply and allows to experience even more joy and mystic of everyday life.

So as much as your first thought about doing something nice for yourself, might be – time.
It is more so about – attention.

Here is a list of 50 nice things you can choose from, to do for yourself daily.

And if you feel concerned about how you can manage to incorporate anything more into your daily schedule, maybe it’s a matter of energy management ?

If you experience feelings of being drained or your energy is scattered, a proper understanding of how it works would be a game changer.

This consultation will give you clarity on, where your energy comes from, how you use it and how can you use it better.

You could say, well, it’s obvious for me what I’m doing and I know why I’m feeling the way I do.
I think it might be surprising for you to know, that 80% of human energy expenditure happens unconsciously.

80% of your energy expense happens without your conscious awareness.
Understanding it, allows us for better management and suddenly you might just realise, that you actually “have” lots of time to do whatever the heaven you want !

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