Yoni & Womb Wellness

Everything your yoni wants you to know about Her. Everything that your yoni needs you to do for Her. The most sacred place on Earth is in the western dimensions treated as a taboo. But womb is a woman’s seat of wisdom, creativity and emotions. 
Your Yoni is a Stargate to another dimension.
Life enters, both ways, through Her. Your womb is the most sacred place on Earth. Lots of yoni and womb health problems stems from the fact that we don’t fully comprehend that sacredness.
Womb wellness is closely tied with gut health and colon condition and the quality of relationships we have, the one with ourselves also. 
Yoni and womb needs nurturing, attention and tlc just like the rest of our body. Mindful spiritual connection with your womb will transform your life.
80 minutes session / Investment £80